Mr. Jones' Other Face
Introducing The Faceless Corporation

Where Music Goes When It Dies
It's been busy in that chicken coop. As well as new LP 'A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues' Mr. Jones has been beavering away at another project with a few other similarly disturbed individuals.

It's not easy on the ears, but if you think you could stomach a genre-defying mash-up of lo-fi alt-rock, scuzzy electronica and garage-prog you could do worse than giving 'The Faceless Corporation' a listen.

On second thoughts, maybe you should stay here. There's just as much chance of lasting psychological damage but at least there's flowers to look at.

episode one

A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues
New LP Released May 2013

All Quiet On The West-Country Front?
Yeah, we know. It's been a long time. And Mr. Jones doesn't call and Mr. Jones doesn't write. For the past five years or so Mr. Jones has been locked in a chicken coop attempting to teach himself the banjo.

But, there's news at last. New LP 'A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues' has just been released on an unsuspecting public. As well as the aforementioned five-string the new LP also features various guest vocalists (including a local octogenarian church singing group), duelling saxophones, assorted garden tools and a headless goose. Most of the songs involve people dying (no change there then). If that sounds like your cup of tea we'd very much appreciate your custom - or for you just to have a listen. All funds received go towards Mr. Jones' medication.

Buy the LP here, or preview the tracks on your favourite digital download service such as Spotify, eMusic, iTunes or Soundcloud.

If you want to show your appreciation but don't want to buy a CD why not...